Text wrap around elements / images?


I was wondering if this is something that’s possible, to have text wrap around images or other elements?



I think, that´s not possible in default… You can try play with custom javascript via Plugin on Axshare and try to move/add elements…But on complex pages it could be risky, because everything is absolute positioned.



It’s been a year and half since this post. Is this now a possibility?


Its been 4 years since this post. Is this possible?


Its been 5 years since this post. Is this possible?


5+ years. … Clearly this is just not possible alone - given the “absolute position” of everything, but inside a Dynamic Panel? It sure seems like objects inside this could wrap, or be made to wrap. But … alas. Not yet.



Thank you for all of the interest over the years for a Text Wrap Feature for Axure RP. I just wanted to post an update that this Forum Discussion and all of the included feedback have been added to a Feature Request with our Product Team to add a Text Wrap ability for Image Widgets within Text Widgets in Axure RP.

If there are any more Additions to Axure RP or further feedback on the Product in the future, you can send this directly to support@axure.com to ensure it is forwarded to the proper channels.

Thank you, and please let me know if there are any further questions!

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