Text wrapping | Font hosting | Line height

Environment: Axure 9, Sketch Axure Plugin

#Issue 1 - Line height
The line height of the text copied from Sketch via Axure Plugin is different from that of Sketch. (See the attached screenshot)

#Issue 2 - Text wrapping
This is a chronic issue.:cry:
The text wraps in some Windows Chrome. I solved this by entending the text frame, leaving some space inside. Is there any way to make sure the text doesn’t wrap when rendering in all the browsers?

#Issue 3 - font hosting
Can anyone suggest some online font hosting?
I used the “@font-face” method in Axure. Somehow I don’t think it works all the time.

I have also experienced text wrapping issues. Some are initially visible, others don’t present until you use specific devices. This should be better standardized, otherwise it creates a lot of extra work to go back and increase padding on all copy.