The "clear" icon in text field doesn't seem to trigger an event


I have a text field, and when filled it presents a small “clear” button. Clicking this button does clear the field, but doesn’t trigger any event, even though there clearly a click and field change.

Does anyone know if there is another even that can be used to determine when the clear button has been tapped?


I’m assuming you are talking about when you set the text input type to “Search”, the “x” button appears on focus/hover.

Axure can’t register that button’s event because it’s not really part of Axure, it’s a function of how the browser renders and handles the HTML input type “search”. (It’s the same reason why you can’t style the input’s “x” button in Axure either.)

I just leave the input type as “text” and use Axure make my own “clear” button, that way I have full control over everything.


Yes that is what I’m talking about. And even if tapping that clear icon is not a capturable event, surely changing the field content should be. But no, Axure doesn’t capture this content change event either.

So why include the option for a specialize field if what makes it special is not supported?


That, I can’t answer. :grin:


Sorry, that question was for for the ether than for you. Thanks for trying to help though.

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