The font always be PingFang SC


Everytime i change the font to others,it will change back to pingfang sc in my macbook 2019 air,I adapt reinstall or use the Widget Style Manager , but it doesn’t work。

i usually use font arial with command B to bold the text, but pingfang sc can’t do it

so how i can change the font or some
Shortcuts to bold the text。


This is my solution, I hope it may can help you.

  1. Open file X:\Program Files\Axure\Axure RP 9\DefaultSettings\Prototype_Files\resources\css\axure_rp_page.css

  2. Add a global css style
    span{font-family:‘Arial’,‘Microsoft Yahei’,‘Helvetica’,‘PingFang SC’!Important;}

  3. Back to Axure, preview it.


wow,,i tried,it’s very very useful,thanks a lot。:laughing::laughing::laughing:


it’s ok for using the shortcut ”t“ to add text ,but when i drag the library components,it hapens again.:joy: