The latest version of axure10 is very sluggish



I am a MacBook with M1 chip. Recently, I have been upgrading to version of axure10 and have been experiencing frequent lag issues. However, I have not had any lag issues before the upgrade.

I have tried reinstalling and using system security mode, but there is still a lag issue, which has affected normal use. Can you provide me with an installation package from 3 months ago for me to try? Please send it to my email

Thank you!


Hello @lyc, thanks for contacting us! As a first step, please update to the most recent build ( You can complete this update by opening Axure RP and following the menu path: “Help > Check for Updates”, or you can download it from Updating to the latest build will ensure you are not running into any issues that have been fixed in more recent builds of the Axure RP application.

If the issue persists after the update, please send us at a screen recording video of the issue and your Axure troubleshooting logs so we can take a closer look. You can find your troubleshooting logs by opening Axure RP and selecting “Help>Show Troubleshooting logs…” in the main menu. Thank you!

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