The Library could not be refreshed

I am facing this issue with Ax9. Except for the default library all other libraries have this issue. Can I do something like clearing the cache etc which will make it go away?

Also looks like Library is the most fragile area of Ax9. Changing a library quickly, loading all Libraries or anything I do with library crashes Axure. Apart from default - not able to use the many libraries I have.

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Hi kharve,

It sounds like you are receiving an error when working with non-default libraries in the 9 beta, is that right? Are these widget library files loaded from your computer or from Axure Share? If the former, where are your widget library files stored on your computer? Could you send over the widget libraries you are working with in the 9 beta over to for testing? And it sounds like this only happens in the 9 beta, not in Axure RP 8, does that sound correct?

I am also having this problem only in Axure 9. Only default libraries show and I cannot add any libraries, both ones I created and those downloaded from the Axure Widget Library page. They are all stored my computer.

I solved the problem by opening the library file directly in Axure 9. I was then prompted to move the file to Axure Documentation. When I reopened Axure 9 the library was there.

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Thanks, I will try that and see if it helps

  1. Loaded from Computer
  2. documents\ Axure\Libraries
  3. Have issues with file size limitations over email - and not allowed gmail access from comp
  4. In Ax 8 - the libraries used to disappear periodically. And default lib showed only labels. I used to clear the cache and load the lib 1 by 1 (except for default - which used to load post clearing the cache)

Hi guys!

This is a known issue with the latest build in the 9 beta where widget libraries can’t be added to the Libraries pane, and there should be a fix coming soon. A workaround in the meantime, as empathy found, is to move the library file to the Documents/Axure/Libraries folder, and this should allow the widget library to load when starting Axure RP.

As suggested by @empathy, I opened the libraries as file - open and saved them with a different file name. All the stability issues I was facing looks to have resolved. phew :relieved: