The UI on my PC is shrinked compared to the one of my collegue

Me and 2 other students are working as a team and we created an Axure project. The issue is that on my PC the UI is shrinked whereas on the PC of my collegue it’s showing the interface as it should.

I’ll attach two pictures to show this issue. I did try to change adaptive views, remove them, change the size of the page but nothing has helped solving the issue.

Here’s how my collegue sees the Axure project:

Here’s how I see the Axure project:

It’s unclear to me what exactly it is that is “smaller”. Is the issue the title labels wrapping to new lines in the bottom picture?

I think that might be a difference from the widths of the different fonts (top one has serifs, bottom does not) paired with a label not set to Fit to Width.

There’s also a difference in the zoom levels I see (Top: 72% , Bottom: 96%)

Easiest way to diagnose what is going on is to just post your rp file

Exactly for smaller I mean that the text is wrapping on my view whereas on the view of my collegue it’s not. It seems like on my viewport there is either less space for text or the text is bigger.

Regarding the zoom I did try to set 72% but nothing chaged.

Here is the Axure rp file:
menu page.rp (177.7 KB)

As I said above, set the title labels to “Set to Width” and it’ll resize to fit.

Try getting that Amiri font referred to in the file to see if that makes it look the same as your colleagues’ version.

Luckily, it’s a google font so it will automatically work (per the docs) when it’s posted on Axure Cloud

Damn I didn’t notice that at first, do you think we can get the fonts shipped with the rp by uploading the project to google drive somehow?

You can use custom web fonts by going to your HTML Generation settings under the Fonts tab (you’ll need to have Amiri installed first).

After you add the font, you need to go to Font Mappings and map Amiri Regular to Amiri, 400, normal

Then when you publish the HTML to a folder and zip that folder and put it in Google Drive, I think you can reasonably trust that the web font will correctly load - short of a security gotcha I haven’t considered - on machines that don’t have Amiri installed. They’ll also of course need to have the correct extension installed on their browser to view local prototypes.

Installed Amiri to test this, after uninstalling, the font appears to still be appearing correctly on Chrome, I didn’t test other browsers because I don’t have those extensions installed.

If you get stuck, check out the docs on embedding fonts. I haven’t used Web Fonts before demonstrating this here for you so I can tell you, they’re pretty good.

I have solved the issue by downloading the zipped Amiri font and moving the “Amiri-Regular.ttf” file into the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Axure\Axure RP 10\Fonts” folder.

Seems like Axure was showing everything wrong because the font was missing on my PC.
Thank you very much for helping me out, the font is so similar to Arial that I didn’t even notice that.

I will definitely publish the HTML using your method so I don’t rely on someone else having the font locally or not.

Oh I hadn’t considered putting it in that folder! I was using the default Windows fonts folder. I’ll have to try that method in the future

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