Timestamp with clock

Hi, I don’t just update my project once a day when i’m working on it, so think it would be very helpful if the timestamp for last update of a project in the axure share app contained the clock for the update as well.
So instead of it just saying “Jan 20, 2019” it could say “08:15 Jan 20, 2019” or something like that.

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Hi Charlotte!

I can see how this additional timing information could be useful! I’ve gone ahead and submitted a feature request regarding this with our respective teams on your behalf.


Hi Chelsea,
I’m sure you are still working on this, as it is quite a new request. However, i n case you have not noticed it, I would just tell you that, even though it has been added to the projects at share.axure.com, the column are not wide enough to see more than a bit of the first number.

this change helps me so much already - thank you for adding it. I look forward for it to appear in the App as well :slight_smile: :clap:

Hi Charlotte!

Thank you for the update on this!

Would you mind letting me know where you’re seeing that the columns are not wide enough for the timestamps? For example, are you seeing this issue with a particular web browser on your mobile device or on your computer?

If you are experiencing this issue in a web browser, could you please let me know if the browser’s scale is set to less than 100%, and whether setting the scale back to 100% allows all of the timestamps to appear fully?

Thank you!

Ah, my mistake.
I use Chrome browser, but the zoom was set to 75%.