Toggle Radio Button not working!

Hi everyone,

Total Axure noob here, so please don’t hate me for asking such a bovine question. I have set up a radio button for my prototype and set up the logic so that when it’s clicked it will toggle on and off.

However when I go to the prototype itself the button is just static and doesn’t do anything. Can someone help?



Did you put two toggle ? one for each position ?

A few questions:

  1. What do you want your radio button to do? Just toggle on and off when clicked?
  2. Are you saying that when you open the prototype in a browser and click on the radio button it doesn’t toggle on and off?
  3. Can you upload your radio button to this thread so we can help troubleshoot?


Thank you for replying! No I did not put two. I know that if you group two they toggle between them, but I just want one to toggle on and off, which the conditional logic says you can do with the ‘toggle’ function - unless I’m totally misunderstanding it all?



Thank you for also replying. 1 - Yes, I just want the radio button to toggle when clicked 2. Yes, I am saying that when the browser is opened the button can be turned on, but not toggled 3.Yes, I’ll upload it.

Be very glad to find out what I’m doing wrong!

A caveat / workaround that we’ve used, is simply to employ checkboxes and to round their corners so they look like radio buttons, which seems to work just fine.


RadioButton.rp (41.4 KB)