Transfer selected repeater items to new page

Hi again :wink:!

A few days ago I created a topic about adding chips and it really helped me.

Now I have a new (follow-up) problem/question.
I want to transfer all the chips I have selected to a new page. Yesterday, when I tried it, i figured that only the first selected chip is shown at the next page. Is there a way to transfer not only the first selected chip (item), but all the chips i selected to the second page?

Live example/preview
.rp file: chips-transfer-example.rp (98.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!

There’s two ways of doing this, broadly:

  • Create a bunch of global variables, which you can use to transport the selected option from one page to another (i.e. SelectedChip1, SelectedChip2, SelectedChip3)
  • Store all your selected chips in a single global variable, each one separated with something (usually a comma between each entry) then use a looping bit of logic on load to ‘read out’ the selected chips on the new page. This method is slightly beyond my ken at the moment, but I’m fairly sure @mbc66 posted about doing this recently.

Take a look at this thread: