Trigger a Show/Hide on an "external" DP?

Hi. I am probably missing something very basic here, but can’t seem to get this right so:

I am trying to assign a Show/Hide action on a button (I simply want to present a modal popup). The button to trigger this action is buried deep inside another DP, but when I open up the case editor I don’t see any other targets (i.e. dynamic panels) other than the one that resides within the DP I started with. How do I tell Axure to show/hide something that is stored outside the item I’m currently working on/in?

I could of course make a plain old browser popup, but I want a more stylised modal popup. I also tried to add a hotspot area on the main page where all the DP:s are placed, but the hotspot is then clickable at all times, and that won’t work either.


Ok, I finally found out that I could drop the modal inside the DP where the button resides, and then select “treat as Lightbox” in the case editor.

There’s a cleaner way to do this. First things first, Make sure you name both DPs or you’ll never be able to target them correctly. Let’s name the DP where you want the click to come from ‘panel1’ and the modal DP named ‘modalDP’. You can add a Raised Event to a click in panel1 as shown.


So, if you add a Raised Event and called it ‘openModal’, it would say ‘Raise openModal on xxx’ within the panel1. Then at the higher level scope where both ‘modalDP’ and ‘panel1’ exist, you can click on ‘panel1’, then view Interactions under properties you’ll see ‘openModal’ as an event you can add interactions to. From there, you can add ‘show openModal’.

If this is unclear, let me know.

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