Trigger action on close lightbox (grey field)


I made a threat as lightbox dynamic panel.
I want to set a panel state on the action close lightbox (when a user clicks on the semi transparant gray field).
How can i trigger that action?


Hi , I would just simply put On click action Hide YourDynamicPanel to hotspot ,arrange it forward so it will be over that button

Greets Karel


This is functionality I am grappling with today in RP9.

My specific use case is this…

I have a sticky button at the bottom of my viewport which OnClick opens a partial flyout(as lightbox) with more button options (specifically a Checkout button which opens payment options) & Hiding the sticky.

It is necessary for me to treat this show as a light box but upon closing of the lightbox (by clicking the grey skrim) I need the sticky Checkout button to Show again.

I haven’t seen anyone give a good answer to this problem yet…


Hi Corylien,

Have you tried the “Hidden” action on the group that disappear when you click ouside the widget (the gray area) and then “Show/Hide” your button.


Wow, i’ve been using Axure for a few years now and had these same issues. Tried numerous things to rectify but it is so simple! You have saved me some future headaches!