"True" native mobile experience in RP9?


Hello. It’s been ≈ 4 years since I used Axure, so I just want to ask a question before I dig up RP9 again and start building. Is it possible to create a mobile prototype that acts, looks and feels like a native iOS app? I want to show a client what an app can do, but it need to feel like it’s a native app running in the client’s hand. In Figma, it’s pretty easy to create a clickable prototype and then open that in Figma’s native app to get a full screen experience. But … Figma lacks support for variables and stuff like that. So … well, can I expect to be able to create “smart” prototypes as well as “full screen” prototypes right on my mobile phone?


Hello, Axure is certainly the tool that allows us to achieve this feat, With the Axure Cloud Mobile mobile application https://apps.apple.com/us/app/axure-cloud/id970847939, you can easily show everything you want to the client, I’m going to show an example prototype that I designed for a company that needed an MVP project to test a solution, and they needed it quickly and on a smartphone to be convinced of the idea and convince investors, in this prototype, he needed to integrate a 360° view functionality of images in the field of real estate, this functionality was the most important and it was also necessary to integrate a data map (Yandex maps) in the prototype with Axure it is possible to do all this and much more, and fortunately I was able to realize this idea in a prototype, so I can tell you that everything is possible with Axure Rp.

Prototype link:


Thanks for the reply! I have a follow-up question: I guess the client first have to create a free Axure Cloud-account (and do that on the web, since I didn’t see any option for that within the app itself). Then, download the app, login, and … then what? I don’t see any option to open an external link (just like the one you posted) and insert that in the app? I tried to open a quick prototype I made myself, and that fires up fine inside the app, but how do I share that so that the client can open up in his/hers app?


Project sharing in Axure is really simple, you can create a Workspace that will contain the customer’s project and share it via their Email, then the customer to access your prototype, and you can regularly update your file which will always be accessible by your customer



I’ll also add: if you don’t want your client / test participant to have to download an app, just have them go to your prototype’s URL, and then use the mobile browser’s “install” or “add to homepage” option. That will create an icon on the mobile homescreen, and when you load the prototype from there, the browser interface is (usually) hidden.


Ok, I’ll try things out and see if it works. I know that it’s normally very very hard to obtain a “true native experience” on say, an iPhone running Safari. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem telling the client that he/she has to download an app to be able to view the prototype, and I take your responses as that it’s possible to hide any scrollbars or other “extra information” on the screen?


Yes- using the Axure app will allow you to hide the non-prototype ui, as will going straight to one of your prototype page’s URLs directly (e.g., /page_1.html instead of /start.html or /#id=8asdfg). As far as how native the prototype feels, that’s often down to how nice of a device you’ve got. Browser animations are rarely as smooth-seeming as native ones, but you can come pretty close. FWIW, I’ve had pretty good results using Firefox mobile instead of the default Safari or Chromium browsers on mobile phones.