Trying to find a way to get the name of a parent page dynamically

Curently, I’m using [[PageName]] on a master to make bread crumbs, but it can only go one deep since I can’t get the parent’s page name as it is organized in my pages. I’d like to generate the breadcrumbs dynamically instead of doing this manually. Ideas?


Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious and have good knowledge of JavaScript or a developer to help you, you can find the page structure in $axure.document.sitemap.

Otherwise manually might be the way to go.

Yeah… I wouldn’t even no where to begin with that. How would one query that for it’s contents?

Well, there’d be quite a bit to it, more than I would have time to explain right now if you’re not familiar with JS. It contains an object tree structure with page data, including child pages.

$axure.document.sitemap is the root node.

I think manual is probably how you’d need to do it.