Trying to make a simple json storage component with Axure


A simple cloud storage component with Axure

No question, just sharing :wink:

I’ve made a component call ‘AX-SLOT’ for axure, it can:

  • save text data from named element(rectangle/input/textarea) to cloud
  • load data from cloud, auto assign value to element with same name as before

Online demo for AX-SLOT, click Here to visit.

If you want to simulate some advance operation in your prototype, ax-slot can help you get there.

Here’s my .rp file attachment, any suggestion will be appreciated :slight_smile:

ax-slot.rp (526.2 KB)

Showcase list of AXSLOT :smiley:


Many thanks, it’s exactly what i was looking for :grinning:

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Glad to help :grinning: