Turn on/off interactions


Would be awesome if we could just flip an on/off switch for interactions and conditions. Protopie does this and it’s super useful.


Hello @wylfing,

Thank you for writing in to the Axure Forums! I have added your information to a Feature Request in our system which would allow you to temporarily comment out Actions and Events in Interactions. In the future, you can send any Feature Requests to us directly by emailing support@axure.com. We greatly appreciate all feedback on the software!


My way of doing this currently is to add a condition to the interaction like “if 0 equals 1” that will never be true. It’d be nice to have a native feature to handle this.


@lshillman I’ve never considered that, that’s a good idea. I use a condition like that in the opposite way when editing all the rows in a repeater without having to mark rows first, rule = “[[1==1]]”

Though I’d still want a feature to be able to toggle it down through the full tree of objects, that’s when disabling interactions gets really onerous

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