[TUTORIAL]I seem to have found a funny and perfect way to achieve "Fit Content Width" for Axure 8&9 (no script injection)



First, Let’s make a “ruler”
step 1. Drag out a “Dynamic Panel” , name it “ruler”
step 2. Set “ruler” to “Scroll Horizontal” and cancel “Fit to Content”
step 3. Set “ruler” to 19999px width and 50px height.
step 4. Drag out a “Labal” in state1 of “ruler” , name it “scale”
step 5. set “scale” to x:20000px y:0px
step 6. Delete all characters and click “Fit Content Width”, it automatically becomes 1px width

OK, the “ruler” is almost done.

Second,Test it.

step 1. Drag out a “Box 1”, name it “box no padding” and set padding to 0px
step 2. Set “scale” and “Box 1” to same font and same font-style and same font-size.
step 3. Drag out a “Text Field”
step 4. Add “TEXT CHANGED” interaction.

The most amazing thing is here, it also works great in the repeater

All you need is just three things

  1. set text to “scale”
  2. scroll to “scale” widget
  3. set “box” to new size ( ruler.scrollX + box.padding )

Axure 8&9 demo files:

ruler_RP9.rp (78.5 KB)
ruler_RP8.rp (87.2 KB)

This is a file from Axure Master mbc66
I add a new page to show a vertical ruler
fit to text in a repeater.rp (228.2 KB)

Dynamically varying repeater item sizes based on content

This is absolutely brilliant!


Thank you for this very smart solution!