Two bugs of Axure 9 Beta

  1. I cannot choose more interaction, because there is no scrollbars.

  2. it can’t display Chinese characters in link address when the page name contains Chinese characters and the length of page name is too long.

    can’t display Chinese characters.rp (173.4 KB)

there is another bug about checkbox:

it was selected and disabled but selection is failed in preview model

Hi there wisdom!

For bug #1, I was unable to reproduce this. Are you able to at least scroll by using your mouse wheel? And would happen to have any altered display settings on your Windows computer? If so, does it help to change it to the default or if you disconnect any external monitors you have plugged in?

For bug #2, it looks like this is a known issue we have on file (not specific to the 9 beta), and I’ve added this post to that report.

For bug #3, thanks for catching that! It looks like selecting and disabling a checkbox (or radio button) de-selects the widget in the browser output, and I’ve filed this as a bug with our QA team.