Typing effect in a text box in Axure

Hi all,

I’m new to Axure and this forum. Could I ask for your help?

I’m trying to create a “typing effect” in a text box. Do you have any tips on how to do this? I’m just not getting it at the moment.

Thanks so much for your help in advance.

Cheers, Richard

Hi Richard,

Could you please elaborate what are you after?
Are you trying to recreate an effect that Microsoft Word is doing (slowed character appearance when user is typing) or maybe you are trying to have a text to appear automatically and like it is typed by someone else (see example below)?


Hi Azrael, thanks so much for responding.

The effect I’m after is that after the page loads, there would be typing (like what happened in your example), except the effect would automatically fill the box on page load without there being the effect of a button first pushed to initiate it.

After the page loads, the effect will be as if someone typed a sentence into the text box. Next, I’ll have an effect where a separate action occurs after an initiate button is pressed. So, your example is what I’m after, except without the effect of having a button pressed first to initiate the typing. The typing would occur on or slightly after page load.

Is that clear? Please let me know if not. Thanks again, Richard

Hi Richard,

I think I understand. There is no problem with initiating this action onPageLoad. The effect you see in my example is a “cheat”. Of course we could write a script which adds characters into the text box with a small delay but so far I used this cheat as it was simple and fast to do.

What you see in my example is an input box with a text already inside and a white box laid above it. When you click the button the white box is set to hide with slide right effect. So the faster you hide it… the faster you have the text typed. You can start the process onPageLoad (with the small wait action before for a better effect) so you could potentially use this method to achieve what you are after.

Let me know if you require any additional help or if you would like me to attach the example I made previously.


Hi Azrael, thanks for taking time to respond to my query, and for sharing your “cheat” with me. Yes, I’d be great to get the example that you previously made. I’ll play with your cheat to see if I can’t replicate your magic. :slight_smile: Thanks again, Richard

Hi Richard,

Glad to help. Please find the file below:
Typer.rp (47.0 KB)

As you can see it is a very simple trick but I hope it can be used and customised accordingly in order for you to achieve the effect which you are after.


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