Typing in a text field mask keeping the mask


Hi everybody, how are you?
I need to input numbers in a text field mask and while I type, the numbers overwrite the mask…Is it possible???

0000000000 - the mask (ten numbers)
I put, for example, number 1 then 1000000000…
I put the second number 2, then 1200000000 and so on…

Tks for the help…

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I didn’t understand??


I can think of a potential (but very convoluted) way around it. I do not have my computer with me so I apologise that I cannot try this out for you.

My approach would be to set up a variable for each digit.

Make the text box a DP with a serperate state for each digit and an initial state for your masked text

Progressively each text box on each panel state would consistent of variables plus asterisks, such that state one would be ; state two would be [[Var1]]; state three would be [[Var1]][[Var2]]******* …and so on

Then OnFocus /on keystroke, set Variable digit 1 = the first digit keyed in.
Set the panel to state 2
Text on panel state = variable 1 followed by masked text.

Then work your way through the keystrokes, variable and states until your last DP state has all digits.

Of course this may not work at all, but it might help.


Hi friend…

I’ll try!!! Thank you!!!


I tried but without success. :frowning:

The hint disappears when I type the first digit and I want overwrite the first “0” and keeping the remaining zeros.

Would you have another idea?

txtMaskedType.rp (71.9 KB)


Can someone help me? :relaxed:


Something like that would work?
Text mask - lot of fields.rp (58.4 KB)

You need a lot of text fields and to focus on the next one or the previous one

There may be a better way but I couldn’t find it :confounded:


Hi PierreJ

Thank you very much!! GREAT JOB!!!


Thanks :smile_cat:,

Have fun prototyping!