Uexpected Scroll to top on Apple device



Unexpectedly scroll to the top when you click on an interaction that shows a dynamic panel with the Push / Pull widget option. I believe this is an issue with the release Axure RP, I am using the latest Axure 10 release "" but it doesn’t seem to be fixed. Can you please tell me a resolution? Not using push and pull will not work in my case.

This is happening on the Apple phones.


May be an issue with your setup or interaction code. If you upload your .rp file here then your fellow Axure users can possibly help you. However, if you think it is a bug–for example, your prototype worked in an earlier release of Axure–and/or this is only happening in iOS and not desktop, or not Windows, Android, etc. then you should submit a bug report to support@axure.com and include your .rp file.