Unable to connect to svn to open a team project

Hi all,
I’m having a trouble open a team project stored in svn. I’m tring to get and open team project, after fill in the svn address, it says"unable to connect to svn://xxxxx".
Did any of you came across the same problem? Did you solve it? If so, how?
Many thanks!

Hi! If you haven’t already, the troubleshooting guide linked below should help to clear up the issues for you:


Hopefully that helps!

Thank you for your in-time respond. However, it did not solve the problem.
I have svn account with authority. When I try to create or get team project, Axure would point that:“unable to connect to svn://xxxxx”

Hmm, where is the team project hosted–is it on an SVN server or a network drive? Can you verify whether you’re able to navigate to the team project repository in your file explorer/browser? If you receive any permissions errors when trying to navigate to that location outside of Axure RP, then you’ll want to ensure that your account has full permissions to access that location to ensure that you can both create and get team projects from that location. If you have any proxies or authentication that’s required to access that location and you’re on Windows, then you’ll want to try using “Account > Proxy Settings” to copy your system proxy settings into Axure RP to help bypass any authentication that’s being requested.

Dear Alyssa, I have full permissions to the team project hosted on an SVN server.


To clarify the other points, where is the team project hosted and is it on a location that requires any sort of authentication? Also, are you on a Mac or Windows machine? There have been some issues in the past where Mac users were unable to connect to team projects hosted on SVN locations that depending on the TLS version used, so this would help to verify whether you’re running into that same issue. Thanks!

Hi Alyssa,

  1. The team project is hosted on a SVN server. Maintenance Engineer gave me an account, I can access to the SVN server through other tools.
  2. I’m using Mac.
  3. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for confirming your OS and that you’re using an SVN server. By any chance, do you have any team members who are able to connect to the team project on the SVN server on Windows machines? If so, do you (or your IT team) happen to know what version of TLS is in use on your SVN server? To add to the issue that I mentioned above, there’s a known issue where the the Mac version of Axure RP 8 does not work with SVN team projects with TLS 1.1 and 1.2; if the server you’re hosting on is using one of those versions, then this could explain why Mac users are unable to interact with those team projects (Windows users should still be able to connect). If you haven’t already, this would be a good area to check. Additionally, temporarily disabling any antivirus software or other tools that interact with traffic between Axure RP and your SVN team project is a good test as well.

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