Unable to crop image after latest stable build update

Unable to crop image, the crop button just doesn’t show up even after outlining or selecting the image boundary. Also gradient color filler line is not movable, whenever i try to move the gradient colour start end line, the box or the container moves.

The crop button option is not visible

Hi there! Thanks for posting about this. I haven’t been able to reproduce either of these issues on my end so far. Can you let us know more details such as if you’re on a Mac or Windows machine? Are you also able to reproduce these issues in all RP files, or does it seem to be specific to one file in particular? If this seems to affect only one file, would you be able to post that RP file or email it to support@axure.com? Thanks!

This issue I am facing in all rp files after latest stable update. I’m on windows 10. Just before the update everything was fine. And also I’m not able to shift the gradient color fill line dots. As soon as I try to do it, the container gets selected

Thanks for following up with those details! I tested out both of those actions on a Windows 10 machine, and I still wasn’t able to reproduce either issue. If you haven’t yet, can you try restarting your machine and Axure RP to see if that helps? Please also check to see if the drivers on your machine (particularly your graphics drivers) need to be updated.

If neither of those steps help resolve this, then please reach out to support@axure.com with as much information as you can about your system and hardware setup so that we can further troubleshoot this issue. In the meantime, you can roll back to the previous build if needed, by downloading it from: axure.com/release-history.