Unable to duplicate project


I want to version the one I have, duplicate it and create a new version but the duplicate function is grayed out. What gives?


Hey Dave,

To verify, it sounds like you’re using 8.0 and have your team project hosted on AxShare, and want to use the “Duplicate” option in AxShare to duplicate the central copy of your team project–is that right? Axure RP should save the different versions of the team project every time a change is made, so if you wanted to recover a specific revision of the file you could go to “Team > Browse Team Project History” and export that revision to an RP file instead of duplicating the central copy. Does that work for you?


What I was really looking for was to just select the checkbox on a project and use the Duplicate feature in the tool bar, for some reason it’s disabled.


It looks like the reason that the “Duplicate” button for AxShare hosted team projects (.rpprj files) is disabled is because duplicating that .rpprj is essentially duplicating the entire team directory, which would mean creating a second team project out of the current one. Are you hoping to use the “Duplicate” button to move the entire team directory to another AxShare ID? If we can get a better idea of what the use case here is then we can file a feature request for the product management team to look at. Thank you!


actually, I need this feature because I working on a large scale prototype, where we finished working in a draft version and sent it to review and approval while we still have work to do but should be in another version of the prototype, treat it as we need to create another branch of the prototype.

currently seems that i need to do it manually by coping my project files to another location.


Hi there,

Instead of sending the URL of the team project ID, would you be able to publish a separate Axure Share prototype from the team project file, via “Publish > Publish to Axure Share”. That’ll generate a new URL that’s separate from your team project’s original ID and detached from any updates resulting from check-ins.

Another option is to manually create a new team project from your existing file. To do that, open your local copy and select “File > Export Team Project to File”. When you open the exported RP file, you’ll be able to select “Team > Create Team Project from Current File”, which will create a new team ID in the target workspace. Your team can then retrieve that new team project to continue working.


I was also looking to duplicate a team project, so this did the trick: selecting “File > Export Team Project to File” to create a new local .rp file, which then allowed me to create a new team project using “Team > Create Team Project from Current File”. Thanks @Alex_Axure

Note: this process wasn’t intuitive – It would be nice to duplicate a team project into a new team file with a new url / project id / history but carry over the assets (and settings). This situation has come up a few times as we iterate on our design and new components and views come into existence; having the assets available to build off is my main reason to duplicate.
Also, the original team project was getting too big and slow, so I wanted to duplicate the file to carry over a lot of the assets and delete old stuff. The new design I was working on was also a different feature so I didn’t want the history of the first file to pollute the new history of the new feature.


I was considering using this as a way to have a template for our team, so we can all have some default settings (web fonts, widget notes) etc the same across all our projects. A duplicate option would certainly make it easier to do this.


Hi sarah.reynolds,

Just wanted to mention that you could try publishing a template file to Axure Share as regular RP file instead of as a team project. Your teammates will then be able to download copies of that template RP file by clicking the file name on the project’s settings page on the AxShare website:


You won’t need to create a team project this way, but keep in mind that your teammates will all still need access to the Axure Share workspace containing the template file. Hopefully this is helpful!


Just to add to the wishlist - honestly I don’t know why on earth Axure decided not to allow to duplicate a team project - that’s something that I wanted to do as well and thought to be quite straightforward task… But instead we have to create an RP file from the team project and convert it back to a new team project…