Unable to log in to AxShare prototype from Firefox

Firefox v.75.0 (64-bit) with trackers and cookies allowed

From today I am unable to log in to AxShare when following the bookmarked link for my prototype that i have used every day without problem.
I do not have any issues when logging in to the same URL using Edge or Chrome.

Load Login URL e.g. https://hekar7.axshare.com
Enter credentials
Press ‘Enter’ or ‘View Project

Result: no response and no waiting spinner or other indication that the request has been sent.

Further findings - i am able to log into the old AxShare portal (https://share.axure.com …) and choose my prototype from the list of hosted prototypes. It loads and I can view it, however the Discuss tab is missing.
When I follow the button/link to ‘Switch to the new Axure Cloud’ my login fails as i explained above.

So…it seems there is an issue with the new Axure Cloud and Firefox.

I am still unable to log into Axure cloud and discussions are not available in Firefox.
Can someone from Axure support please respond because this is a serious issue for us and our customers?

Hi tomw, we’re happy to help you troubleshoot this issue! Please write in to support@axure.com, and someone from our support team will respond to you shortly.

Thank you. I have emailed Support directly.

For anyone else who may have similar problems I believe i may have found the cause of my issues.

I was running the Privacy Badger add-on for Firefox, and when I turned it off for the Axure Cloud URL I was able to enter my credentials and the page loaded fine.