Unable to make my pages responsive


I am creating a prototype where we have images (1920*1080) . The issue i am getting is i am able to align them for multiple devices using adaptive views. It also works fine without showing any scrollbars. But when i test the same on my colleague machine. i see scroll bar. we all have same laptops and configuration.

This is the url : https://9yxc42.axshare.com

Please help on this asap.


Hi Umang,

I don’t see any scrollbars for the Base (laptop) view, but I am seeing them for the Large Display and the 1920 (150%) view when viewing your prototype on my machine. Is that similar to what you’re seeing?

In any case, if you wanted to make your pages responsive and your pages only consist of one image, what may be an easier solution is to add a Set Size interaction to each page’s OnPageLoad and OnWindowResize to set the size of the image to [[Window.width]], which will set the size of the image to the width of the page. Then, this will no longer require the use of adaptive views. And here’s how that OnPageLoad/OnWindowResize event will look like:

Set Size of [image] to [[Window.width]], [[target.height]]

where target is the widget being targeted in the interaction (i.e. the image widget).

If that isn’t quite what you’re looking for, could you post your .rp file here so that I could take a closer look?

Hi Jane,

I could manege to do that. What i actually did is to set back image of state to the respective image and then set dp height and width to [[window.height]] and [[window.width]]

Now i am stuck in new problem which i need to add some image into the some right of cover image and it is not getting fixed at particular position. Please check this url


I need to have this fixed in mobile frame. Please let me know if you need rp file to look over

Thanks a lot for you guys to reply us quickly.


Any updates?
Is it possible for support team to have a quick call where you guys can help to debug further.

Any help is much appreciated.


Hi Umang,

I’m afraid I’m having a little trouble understanding the issue. Could you elaborate on what you’d like to see with the the right cover image? An example or screenshot would be a big help.

Last, for any urgent cases you may have, please reach out to us via our main support channel by emailing support@axure.com. The forum is generally peer-oriented so you may see a delay in response time. Ty!