Unable to view Teams as a menu option in axure 9


I just upgraded our team to axure 9 teams and when we relaunch the application we do not see Teams in the menu. Please help

Hi fssmith04!

Hmm, were any new license keys generated as a result of the upgrade? If so, you may need to enter this upgraded key information to validate the new upgrade and see team options in Axure RP 9. After updating a key, you can try relaunching Axure RP 9 to see if the menu option is shown. If any issues persist, please email our support team at support@axure.com so that we can take a closer look. Thank you!

Hi Chelsea - thank you. there were new license kets generated. I was trying to manage the new keys through the axure portal but it appears that you need to use apply the Axure Teams license from the axure application. My team and I are all set.

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