Underline text in a repeater

Is it possible to underline text in a repeater? I have a box that I am sending text to… I am targeting it and setting it to rich text and trying simple html underline tags and they do not render as html but simply show the tags.

Open the rich text editor (hit the fx button next to the value) and select all the text you want underlined and hit the underline button in the editor, or CTRL+U.

For example, it might look like this (using bold instead of underline because of the forums):

Set text on widgetA: Here is this row’s boldtext [[item.columnName]]

Not sure I am understanding. The text for each row in the repeater is different. When I click on “Edit text”, I just have [[Item.Notification]] and that text, of course is different for each row. So maybe one row will have no underlined text and maybe the next row will have a word or two that is underlined…

With the way repeaters work, that action is repeated for every row. [[Item.Notification]] is the text from the repeater dataset, so if you underline that (brackets and all) it will be underlined on every row.

Try it and see what happens.

I get that… what I need is a way to only underline SOME of the test in the repeater… so maybe a repeater night look like is:

this text is underlined…

this text is not

more underlined text

not underlined

I try putting the underline tags in the data of the repeater, but it just renders it as is and does not render it as html…

You want to underline only some of the text in the dataset? I’m pretty sure you can’t format the text in the repeater dataset, so you’ll have to split it up into multiple columns and in the Set Rich Text action use it like:


Again, using bold instead because forums don’t support underline.

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Or, if I understand your needs, you want an entire row’s text either underlined or not. If so, you can keep all the text in one column and have an additional column to indicate which rows should be underlined. in your Item Loaded event use a conditional case such as,


Here is a quick demo of this, along with the method that @nkrisc outlined as well.

repeater with underlining.rp (49.2 KB)