Understanding dynamic panel states


I’m trying to understand dynamic panels and creating different states, but I’m kind of stuck on a small problem. I think the problem is more from a lack of understanding of how dynamic panels and their states work. So, I have a mega menu that has four buttons. I also need the entire mega menu and their contents (each is a repeater with items) but except it needs to be shown on a lightbox (hence, why I need a dynamic panel). The entire functionality of the mega menu works without dynamic panels, but the lightbox means I need a dynamic panel.

My idea is to make each button click a seperate state. One of the problems I have is unless I copy and paste every single object again from the mega menu into each state, when it is on one of the states it would be missing the parts that were not explicitly put into the state’s folder as in the lightbox only happens to everything within that state I’m not sure if this is normal or if I’m doing something wrong. Am I supposed to copy and paste every single part that would appear as part of the lightbox into every single state explicitly? On top of that, when I click the next button to open the next state, it also needs every single item that would be lightboxed. Also, at a point, trying to click outside the lightboxed areas should cancel the lightbox like when clicking the content below the mega menu, but this first removes the lightbox on the global menu itself (the bar with the buttons) and then another click lightboxes the bar with the buttons but removes the contents’ lightbox after. How do I get it so that clicking the button triggers the lightbox on both the menu bar itself, all its buttons, and the buttons’ corresponding content, but also such that clicking under the content would cancel the entire lightbox (both the menu bar and its contents)? Also, I have a hovering bar that hovers over the button that was clicked, but this doesnt follow the lightbox at all, how do I set this up to work between the states like move from state to state (button to button) when clicked all while lightboxed?

This video might help you a little. It’s axure 8, but shows some of what you’re talking about.

Your concept is very detailed and I don’t have a clear picture of what you’re trying to do, but it sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors to get the effect you want.

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are you saying you want it to be a lightbox so that when you click outside the menu it will go away?

Yikes! Without actually seeing the .rp file of what you’re trying to do I’m have a hard time understanding what’s going on, let alone try and help.

There is, at least, one point of clarification I can ask now: You mention “needing a dynamic panel” because you want a lightbox. Why? You can set any kind of widget’s OnShow event to “treat as lightbox” not just dynamic panels.