Unique interactions for individual widgets in a repeater

I’m new to Axure and have been struggling with this for a day now. I have a repeater list of items containing buttons that I want to program unique interactions with. It looks like I can’t edit individual instances of items beyond text/image in the cell. I can only edit the interactions for the widget on the top row, which will apply to all the widget instances below in the repeater.

I transitioned from Adobe XD. If anyone is familiar with it, the analogy is to use a grid pattern to produce a list of buttons, and then disassociate that pattern. This way, you can customize all aspects of individual instances, and still be able to group all of them for a scrollable group. In Axure I have to use a repeater for ‘scrollability’.

I don’t know if this helps, I’m not super literate when it comes to repeaters, but maybe you can try using the “inline Frame” instead? From what it sounds like, the behavior you’re after is basically “I want an area to be scrollable, with my content inside it”.
Using an Inline Frame, you can make the content and interactions inside it behave/look however you wish, but still get the “Scrollability”.
So what you do is you add an Inline Frame, add another page with whatever you want to have scollable, and double-click on the inline frame and link the content-page. Voilá! :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

thank you. I forgot that I also needed to use sorting/filtering on the list, so it looks like repeater is the only thing that can do all of these, except customized individual interactions! That’s quite a handicap to me. I might be forced to create different pages with different interactions.
the issue is individual instances in a repeater simply aren’t selectable as a target of interactions. really scratching my head about why this isn’t made a feature.

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Oh, I see! Yes, then the Inline Frame doesn’t really help.

If I was you, I’d do a Dynamic Panel inside a Inline Frame. And then have a Dynamic Panel state for each of the desired Filters and Sorting. (It’s of course a pain if there are a lot of combinations of the two, but I would focus on a “basic combination set” to get the feel/point across to developers/clients.) But you’re right, it is a bit strange that it doesn’t exist already as a property/setting on the repeater…

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