Unselect complete radio button group with one button

Hello everyone,

i have 4 slides in a dynamic panel with each a radio button group with each 6 radio buttons.
its like 4 questions with each 6 possible answers, but only one answer per queston is possible.

and i have a reset button outside of the panel, that should deselect all radiobuttons at once
(4 questions x 6 answers = 24 radiobuttons).
every radio button group has its own name.

in axure 8 i could select several items in one action, in axure 9 i can only put one action on one item, that would be 24 actions now.

is there any possibility to just deselect all 24 radiobuttons via their 4 groups?
Something like “reset radio button group” e.g.

I´m sorry, i´m not a developer…

Thank you very much!!

You could try putting the radios in a group, naming that group, and then using an action to de-selecting the group?

Thank you for your answer!
That would be exactly what i was looking for, but i can´t figure out how.
The radiobuttons are already in groups, but i don´t have access to that groups via the action panel…

Have you named the group? It will be hidden from view in the action editor otherwise.

oh wow! thank you very much for your help!
i was trying to access the radio button group the whole time.
but its really that easy to put them in a general group and set this to selected false…

Saves me a lot of work, thank you!

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