Unselecting / Enabling Buttons from an Unrelated Button

Hello Forum…

I’m a remedial user and could really use some help. That said, I don’t “think” this question is rocket science.

I’m on RP 8.

I’ve created two 4 state buttons (unselected, hover, selected and disabled) in a selection group that allow only one button to be enabled at a time. That is, when one is selected, the other is disabled until the first is toggled to unselected. That works fine, though I’m not sure how I finally accomplished that.

Where I’m stuck is I’d like a third, unrelated button to simply snap the first two back to unselected / enabled states when it is selected.

If you open the attached file, I’ll explain…

Here’s the situation… the filter icon (button 1) reveals a tray… and toggles it to hidden… and disables the download icon (button 2).

The download icon (button 2) reveals a different tray… and toggles it to hidden… and disables the filter try.

This is where I need help…

In both of those trays there are widgets that hide those respective trays buy selecting "x" "cancel" or "done". Those are button(s) 3.

When any of those are selected to close their respective window… I want to snap the filter and download icons back to unselected / enabled… basically starting over, clean.

Can anyone illuminate a solution?

Thanks in advance…


Robs Axure File.rp (106.0 KB)

You can use selection groups for the first part of this, allowing buttons 1 and 2 to affect each other.

To unselect both, you could place the grouped buttons 1 and 2 in another selection group with button 3. Or you could manually set both to unselected when you click button 3.

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to pop your RP file on here - you can upload them through the forum. Talking about these things in the abstract can be very confusing.

Here’s a demo file using both methods.

ButtonExample.rp (55.2 KB)

Shit… I’m on Axure RP 8… and can’t open your 9 files. In your opinion… should I upgrade to 9? And do you know if it’s backward compatible with 8 files?

I prefer RP9 personally, although the UI is quite different and takes some getting used to. It can open RP8 files, although it converts them to RP9 when you open them.

Apologies, I don’t have access to a copy of RP8 to convert them.

Another forum member with a copy of RP8 may be able to update your source file.