Update specific - marked row in repeater

Hi all , i am now glued a bit with this problem:

I want to select value from drop down and put it to marked row in tab. I tried almost everything I know but it does not work - only updates all rows in repeater. Could anyone help me? I am attaching a piece from actual project.

RepeaterTest.rp (107.7 KB)
BR Karel

Hi, here:
RepeaterTest - edited.rp (113.4 KB)

By default, OnItemLoad you had set the text for action’s name by the value of your variable Process. So all value were override by the new value you added.


PS: By the way I don’t know what is faster when simulating: adding “default” value with an interaction which has a condition or simply having it already paste in the repeater’s table

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Great, thanks for help , I thought it was something like that but had no idea what specifically it was
Thanks again for great help!