Updating a repeater row using a modal

I have a very simple four column repeater. :slight_smile:

The concept is…
Check a box in a repeater row and click a link that opens a modal. You can only edit one line at a time.
In the modal I have four text fields. I would like to pull the marked line values into the modal fields.
So… they can be edited then on save update the row.

I have tried using a local variable for the repeater, but ths just pulls in the first row values not the marked.

Suggestions Please?

Hi there,

Try populating the text fields from within the repeater on selection of the box. See attached for a quick and dirty sample. Mark the row in the repeater, set the text on the edit fields, and then show the modal. In the modal, update the marked row with the values from the textboxes or whatever widgets you use to edit.

edit modal.rp (62.9 KB)

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That is awesome, works perfectly.

I couldn’t work out why I could see the [[Item.xxxx]] on the link action, it didn’t occur to me to set the text fields on the hidden modal on the click of the box in the repeater… Doh!

Thank you very much (and speedy reply)

You are quite welcome!