Upgrade: Use Axure 10 and Axure 9 with the same License

Hi community

Our company plans to upgrade our perpetual Team Licenses for Axure 9 to Axure 10. Some Team-Members will still though have the need to keep working on Axure 9 in certain projects. So we want to support this rolling transition.
My question in regard to this is: Will Axure 9 still be usable after we upgraded our existing licenses to the subscription model of Axure 10? If yes, can people use the same (existing) credentials for both versions of Axure?

Any input is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Gabriel,

Yes, absolutely. The current RP 9 license keys can still be used after subscribing. In addition, the same user could also use their subscription in RP 9 as well as RP 10.

If your team needs any specific help from our sales staff on how best to manage your upgrade or assign subscriptions, please reach out to sales@axure.com.