Usability Testing / User Testing Tools That Work Well with Axure RP 9 Prototypes?

Was curious what usability testing tools other Axure RP9 users are using that work well with Axure prototypes?

I came across a user testing tool called Maze, that is what I’m looking for, in terms of user testing right now but it doesn’t appear to work with Axure prototypes. Any other Axure users figure out a hack or method to use their prototypes with Maze? Or use a similar tool?

Any tool that can display a browser page can be used with Axure - you just need to share your prototype through Axure Cloud. You can password protect them and provide the password to users through the testing tool if confidentiality is an issue.

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I found UXtweak and it works pretty good. They have a step by step tutorial on their blog on how to set it up:


We try to use the link through Axure Cloud with Maze but it doesn’t work. Maze tells it doesn’t support it.
Maze only supports (today 24/11/2020): XD, Indesign, Sketch, Figma and Marvel.

UXTweak is pricy, starting at $119/mo (as of 1/19/21)

Hi @dbuchter I am wondering if you have any cheaper alternatives because I would love to know about them :smiley:
In my experience, I haven’t found a platform that works better with Axure prototypes - please, if you have any alternative I should try - let me know.

btw: currently it starts at 75 euros a month (something like 90 dollars)- which in comparison with other users testing platforms is actually quite a good deal

Honestly, I haven’t found anything that costs less and covers my needs. For now, as a small ux team in a large organization, I am just doing it manually - I provide the prototype link to users and have them walk through it on a recorded MS Teams meeting. We do our best to structure the prototypes in a way that facilitates the testing, and overall, this is working out pretty well (for smaller testing groups). The goal for this, and our new UX team in general is to continue showing results and building support so that when I’m ready to make a budget request for a tool like UXTweak, or UserTesting (which other UX teams in my org use), I can show what the value is. And you’re right, it is a good deal (especially in your country) compared to other tools - UserTesting is $3000 per license/year. One of our other UX teams has 14 licenses - that’s expensive!