Usage statistics on my templates

I’m working on Axure to design some prototypes as most of you, and sometime it happens that I hesitate between 2 or 3 designs.
I would like to know the stats on my pages, and more precisely the number of clicks on the buttons, links etc.
I’d like to be able to compare those 2 or 3 designs (like an A-B testing) but in Axure to see wich is the best.
Is there a way to do it ?
Thank you for your help !


I’ve heard nothing about KPI tracker for Axure… But the best solution is to organize user test session and track yourself data

Thank you for your reply! I know, but I wanted to avoid that that’s all ^^

In another way you can find someone who love manage data… and Excel :wink:

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What about or or
Implementation to Axure should be possible ? Or try Hotjar plugin on Axure share site ?
Just the ideas but with little effort could work :wink:


Thank you, I’ll check those solutions :slight_smile:

Are you free tomorrow? :smiley: :wink:
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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