User journey tracking

Hi Folks,

A UX Designer has produced a Wireframe for my project using Axure. I would now like to release it in public domain and somehow be able to record the user journey e.g. what are the most popular sections of the wireframe, what are the types of search filters people use, and so on.

Could anyone please point me into some documentation or tutorials that will let me do that. Also, would I have to convert the wireframe in some other formats to be able to record the traffic?

Thanks a lot in advance for helping this noob out…


What do you mean by wireframes? Ideally what you need is a prototype of the project build with interactions.

If you are trying to validate your wireframes, and the validation is purely visual. Then I would recommend having a video call and recording the users screen, you can ask them questions as they see the screens.

If you want to upload it online and collect data, I’m not sure if that is possible but do check out Axure Plugins and see if you can add something like Hotjar or Decibel.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. It is indeed set of prototype website with interactions. It would not be possible to organise a video call due to funding constraints.

I will have a look at Axure plugins, Hotjar and Decibel