Usertesting with Loop11

I use Loop11 for remote usertesting. Their guide ( says I need seperate urls for all my pages, to be able to track the users movements. Their guide is for Axure 8 and I can’t find the same funktion i Axure 9?

Hi all,

Nana wrote into the support desk about this, and I wanted to make sure if someone has the same question, they have an answer.

Since this question has come up, Loop11 has made an update to their Loop11 & Axure – The powerful prototyping & UX combo article, and it now includes a how-to video for the Axure RP 9 beta.

Here are steps to follow to get URLs for Loop11 in Chrome–all other browsers will work in a similar way:

  1. Right-click on an empty area on the prototype page, not on the prototype player or a widget.

  2. Select “View frame source”.

  3. In the address bar, copy the URL after “view-source:”.

For now, this would be the best way to get the direct URL for your 9 beta prototypes to work with Loop11. As always, if anyone has any questions or feedback, please let us know!

There is nothing on how to successfully add the Javascript code for IE users to access the protoytypes via Loop11 within an Axure plugin. I can’t get it to work. Please can someone advise? The plugin doesn’t seem to register the Javascript supplied by Loop11.