Using API on rp8 projects

Can I use the current API to do a html extract on rp8 project?


Hmm, it looks like the API is primarily for generating custom documentation of your prototype, but you should be able to generate some code snippets from it as well:

Actually the demo displayed at this site is only for xml generation and the API documentation attached to the demo zip file cannot be opened at all so I cannot find any solution or idea to make a html generation.

Hmm, are you using a Mac or a Windows machine? The API documentation file (.chm) seems to open on Windows when testing on my end. As far as generating HTML, it’s possible to generate local HTML files via “Publish > Generate HTML Files”, but we don’t recommend using the exported HTML as-is for final production, since the code is optimized for rapid prototyping rather than production use. It may be useful to use as a reference, if needed.

I’ll go ahead and submit a request for easier exporting of HTML for production to the product team.


I found a product named ‘Axure Share Enterprise’, and try it. But when I config the database, it has no responses after I click next even though I have input the correct hostname, user and password.

How could I use it?

Hmm, it sounds like you’re installing Axure Share Enterprise and are stuck on the “Database Setup” page of the server manager dialog. If you’re running into issues, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve installed SQL server with mixed mode authentication, and that the user you’re setting up has administrative permissions. The section of the installation guide below has some helpful tips on what the user may be:

If you’re still running into issues after verifying the above, then please email with screenshots of the server manager dialog along with additional details about your setup so that we can assist. Thank you!