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I have a disable action on an icon (that opens a pop-up on click otherwise) when I click on a folder. However when i select the folder and then mouse hover or click the icon the hand tool still shows up indicating that icon is still functional. How do I incorporate the arrow symbol in this scenario on mouse hover/click of the icon.

For those following along at home with a similar question, rahulzlpr wrote in to our help desk and our recommendation for this scenario was to place a hot spot widget with no interactions over the disabled widget; this prevents the cursor from turning into the interactive hand icon, as the hot spot sits between the cursor and the disabled widget. Hopefully that helps!

No, this doesn’t help.

I need the disabled button to display the “disabled” cursor on hover so the developer is clear about what is the expected behaviour of the button.

If I follow your advice the dev will think that the cursor should show as the “default” cursor. :frowning:


There isn’t a disabled cursor type available in Axure RP, but if you’re trying to show an icon next to the cursor that indicates that an item is disabled (e.g. the circle with a line through it) then this can be simulated. First you’ll want to create the “disabled” shape that you want to show next to your cursor; in the “Icons” library there should be a “Ban” icon that should do the trick. You’ll then want to size it down to how big you want it to be, then hide it.

Next, create a Page Mouse Move event that fires a Move action that moves that hidden disabled shape to [[Cursor.x]], [[Cursor.y]]; this will allow the hidden shape to follow the cursor around the screen. You can add a couple of pixels of padding to adjust the placement of that shape next to the cursor as needed (e.g. [[Cursor.x+5]],[[Cursor.y+5]]).

You’ll then need to create a second case on the same Page Mouse Move event that uses the condition “If cursor is over area of (your disabled widget’s name)”; if that condition is true, the event should show the disabled icon; this simulates showing the disabled icon when you mouse over the disabled widget.

You’ll then want to create one more conditional case on the Page Mouse Move event that checks if the cursor is no longer over the area of the disabled widget; if it’s true then it should hide the disabled shape. That should do the trick! Disabled Cursor Sample.rp (47.1 KB)

Thanks for that but surely it would be easier for Axure to provide a “disabled” cursor.

It is a standard browser feature and, from what I have seen in the support forums, there are a lot of users that would appreciate you doing so.

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