Using HotJar with Axure

Hi all

I’m using HotJar with Axure. I created a tracking code for my wireframe that is shared on I added this to the prototype using the plugin function in Axure and inserted the code at the end of the header for all pages.

HotJar registers as successfully installed but the recordings it makes are broken. Hotjar tell me this is because they are sending a request for the CSS files to recreate in the recording but they are getting a 404 error on the requests.

They suggest whitelisting their IP addresses on the server to resolve this. However, I cannot find a way to do this on Axshare and wonder if I need to host on my own server to resolve this?

I am emailing Axure support directly also, wondering if anyone else has encountered similar issues or has experience using HotJar and Axure?


I run in the same problem. Has there been a fix for that?

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Unfortunately, Axure support never got back to me :frowning_face:

Too bad. My current workaround is, that I use an image (picture) of the page and just put hotspots in the right place. I think an other workaround could be, to just tell Hotjar, to use a picture with the same dimension as the actual page for the heatmap. The later I did not try out yet.

I’m trying to figure this out as well. In RP9 you can publish your Axure comp locally or to AxShare. If you publish locally, it generates the HTML and CSS files. So, if you have the ability to then upload those files to a site you own and have or can add hotjar tracking code, I’m thinking that should work and looking into implementing it. Has anyone else tried and had success with doing it this way?


No Sorry, I haven’t tried that. In theory it should work.

I’m also keen to use hotjar and was wondering how you created the tracking code? I’m relatively new to coding and would really appreciate your help.