Using Masters inside a Library



What is the function of Masters within a library (.rplib)? While creating my library, I built my widgets then created some masters within the library using those widgets assuming the masters would then be available to my project (.rp). However, when I opened up the project linked to that library (and re-loaded the library) there were no masters—only widgets from the library.

I understand that the only way to apply multiple instances of a widget while keeping them linked for central editing is using Masters, so with each new .rp file linked to the library it would be great to start with a set of library Masters instead of having to create them every time from library widgets. Am I missing the point of Masters in the .rplib UI?


Well this is exactly the question I was about to ask too!
I am building up a lib of widgets created in my companies house style, including some “combined” ones (like main windows, popup windows, etc). Since you cannot seem to embed one widget into another, I’ve made those masters. But they seem only available in the library itself, not in projects…