Using single repeater fields for calculation

Hello, I have a question about the use of single fields from a repeater. Here is the example:

How is it possible, for example, to select the number “0.1938000” line "City 8 for a calculation.

If my request should be too unclear, I can continue with pleasure

Oh yes… that is a common issue once you start using repeaters. It has been a request for some years now to be able to easily query a repeater cell’s contents from outside the repeater.

Several years back, @Gregor posted some neat ways to handle this. Can’t find the posts (and likely they lost attached .rp files when this forum converted to this new platform.) The basic approach is to build in a “hidden function” in your repeater that tests its own value against your target. For example, a widget in a repeater is rarely moved or rotated, so you can make use of the otherwise unused OnMove and OnRotate events for your text widget in column 3. When you trigger an event for a widget in a repeater, every instance of that widget (each row) will get triggered in succession, from the first row to the last. So, the OnMove event would have a condition to see if its text matches your target text (in your case, a number) and do something special if it does, like set itself to selected.

So, to run your test and select the correct cell, you would first need to specify your target. You can do this by assigning a global variable or some hidden text widget to your value. For example,
set OnLoadVariable to "0.1938000"
Then you would call something like,
move ItemCol3 by (0,0)
…where “ItemCol3” is the name of your widget in column 3, and that widget has a Case with a Condition like,
if This.text equals OnLoadVariable, set This to selected.
This should result in each of your column 3 widgets to be moved by zero pixels (thus not really moving but causing the OnMove event to be triggered and the condition to be tested.) If the values do not match, the Case is skipped and nothing happens, but if they match, that row’s column 3 widget will be selected.

Hope this makes sense. If not, post your .rp file here and I’ll show you a demonstration.

Thank you for the help