Using Team Cloud with Components

I posted a few weeks back asking for best Team Cloud practices. With zero responses, I scoured the forum and web and (finally) found info on how to get access to a Team Library.

What I cannot find for the life of me is how to create a team Components file that everyone can access without having to import.

Help is appreciated.


I was also trying to achieve this, but apparently it’s not possible. I’m very used to the way that Figma works, where you can have a components library that automatically updates once you change the main component.

In Axure, I’m doing the following but it’s not working.

  • Create a new Library file and save as a Team Project file (in Axure Cloud)
  • Create a component, add a button
  • Check in component
  • Add component to the page
  • Check in page

Now, open a new file and pull that library

  • You can see the library item there
  • Drag to the page

Go back to the library file

  • Check out component, make changes, check in

Then I get stuck. I see the changes in the library on the other file, but if I make changes to the original component, it doesn’t change the component already placed on the page in the new file.

This whole process is quite cumbersome. I don’t know what to do anymore.