Value in the condition builder


Where did VALUE go as a choice for a condition in the condition builder. I’m trying to create a repeater condition based on whether [[Item.isFirst]] is true. How do I do that?

Mac build 3617

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Use the first option “Text”, this is the new name of “Value”

Thanks, Ax-guy!

Still, does “text” really make sense? When I’m getting a true/false value? It seems like this choice was made by someone who never uses the fx box.

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I don’t like this label’s name but maybe some users didn’t understand they could fill text with “value” :thinking:

If you need to set a true/false conditions, click on “add case” (see picture bellow)

I guess the team try to get a better learnability for new users, because Axure is as powerful as difficult to use. But for old users it’s a torture to refund functionnality :sweat_smile:

True, some of the time the value that you’d building a condition on will be a text value, but other times, it will not. For instance, here I’m checking if the current row in the repeater is its last row:

I’m not creating a condition on a text value; [[Item.isLast]] returns a boolean value.

I know that sounds like splitting hairs, but this “text” option is essentially useless unless you are writing an expression in the fx box. The kind of people who are likely to use the fx box don’t consider true/false to be a text value (nor, say [[Now.getValue()]], which returns a number), so “text” is the last place they would look to create such a condition. That’s why it seems that the product designer/owner who made this decision doesn’t really understand what the option is for.


+1 for changing this label back to “Value”.

“Text” does not make sense, especially when I’m looking for a boolean value.