Variables always being reset when “Back to previous page”

I am designing for Mobile APP, when “back to previous page”, variable value must be kept !!

Hope the axure great team can optimize this function, Thanks!


Yep. Major bummer, and it’s been this way since the dawn of Axure…

I’ve figured out a few workarounds for this but they are quite cumbersome.

  • Use a global variable to set the current page before you click away from it. For example, on a “Next” button interaction, just before the “Open Link” action, use “Set value of OnLoadVariable to [[PageName]]”. Then, on the second page’s “Back” button, set up conditional cases to test the value of OnLoadVariable for all possible previous pages, and link to that page on a match (case logic is “true”.) Something like, “If value of OnLoadVariable equals ‘Page 1’ Open Link ‘Page 1’ in current window” --or, “If value of OnLoadVariable contains ‘1’ Open Link ‘Page 1’ in current window”.

  • Create a set of cases with no conditions and name the cases something like “Go back to home screen”, “Go back to dashboard”, etc. and add actions to open those pages. This will display a little “case popup menu” and allow the user to click one of these options (If you include a “Hide this” as the last case with no action it will hide this popup menu. This is easier to set up and doesn’t require a global variable and logic to track where the user came from, but it of course requires user to remember where they came from and can be pretty clunky.

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There’s an easier way: When you set your action to Open Link, at the bottom of the dropdown there is an option to go to Previous Page.

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@easy_axure that’s actually the action that resets the global variable.