Variables List for AXURE RP 9

I haven’t been able to find an updated “V9 Variables List” does any such thing exist? Or a list of changes from Axure RP 8 to Axure RP 9 that can supplement older lists? In an ideal world the V9 Variables List is accessible via the help menu within Axure RP 9

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There’s still the variables and expressions menu in any expression editor window:

Click Insert Variable or Function...

The v7 variables list on the forums is still accurate as far as I can tell in my experience. I don’t think much if anything has changed in the regard.

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Ok. Can Axure Team confirm that v7 = v9 in this thread?


I’m not on the Axure team, but Widget.rotation was added in Axure 8. I know of no other difference between Axure 7 and 9, but an easy way to find out would be to install Axure 7,

And regardless, one can always just open up Axure 9 to check the variables and function list in the program.

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You can review the current list of expressions on the Axure RP 9 documentation page here:


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