Variables through URL

I need to pass some variables through a URL. It works up to a point. I’ve got 4 variables. It passes 1 but then if I add more, it stops passing them all. I’ve tried various combinations but there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. Sometimes it’ll pass 3, sometimes only 2.

Any ideas gratefully received!


I’ve been trying to pass parameters through the URL for awhile with no luck. How are you doing it?

You might be doing this already and have a different problem but the ‘gotcha’ for me was that I don’t think you can do it using the URL construct:


You have to have to use:


So you lose all the Axshare functionality like the console to see what your variables are set to and notes, etc.

I want to replicate a user hitting a page from a personalised URL. So, a box for their e-mail address is pre-populated along with the state of 3 dynamic panels that represent check boxes.

If I do, it works.

If I do, the email box is empty but the 3 check boxes work.

If I do, then they all work.

The only way I can see round this is to create a dummy page that allows users to click on specific links so that the variables get set that way. I was hoping to send people e-mails with a link that’s personalised to them.

I’d love to find a way round this as it’s an important piece of functionality that I want to demonstrate.


Maybe @ is messing with you. Have you tried removing it or swapping it out with something like ‘zzzzzz’ then replacing all those z’s on arrival?

I’ve had some luck saving information in a cookie (mouse clicks for a heat mapping project)… and until now I never thought to use it to transfer variables from one project to another. This might be a plausible workaround.

I don’t think I’ve tried it your way but I’ll poke around at it today.

I seem to have got it working. No idea why, but I reordered the actions OnPageLoad and it burst into life.

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