Version maintenance in Axure


I would like to know where is the database of the files relating to Axure projects saved in the system. Also if I use Publish and create a new project with a new ID, in the backend i.e. the Axure database saved in the system (projects,libraries etc.)
are there multiple projects saved with same/different names for a particular project?

Hello! rahulzlpr wrote in to our help desk so we wanted to follow up and share the info from our response here. When publishing to Axure Share, the project will be generated on the server for the ID to which it was published; publishing the same project to multiple IDs would have it generated for each ID.

As far as locally, there isn’t a local database on your machine of projects that are published to the public Axure Share cloud. The .rp files and widget libraries will be saved in the location that you specified. Other information, such as working files and backups, will be stored in the default location for your OS. On Macs, Axure RP’s working files and backups are stored in “Documents/Axure User Data/Axure-8-0”. On Windows, by default Axure RP’s working files are stored in “C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\Axure-8-0”. We generally advise against modifying the contents of those folders as they’re important to ensure that Axure RP and your local files run properly, and it’s a good idea to whitelist those in the settings of any apps that may scan, modify, move, or delete files (like antivirus scanners or file cleaners).

Hopefully that helps anyone with a similar question!